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On a continent with a challenge at every turn the risk is undeniable, but there is just as much opportunity.

To reap these rewards companies need to be correctly mandated, structured and operationalised. Africa Value Consulting is the perfect niche partner to help you design and execute a fully integrated shared value proposition. By applying our unique combination of Commercial and Corporate Affairs expertise we will help you manage the many complex relationships, with often conflicting goals, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

We are deeply committed to facilitating growth in Africa through partnerships with governments, communities and civil society. We aim to deliver shared value through our client partners by establishing or enhancing their Force for Good initiatives in society and making it core their business model thereby ensuring long term, sustainable bottom line growth.

We have the skills, experience, networks and insight required to help you deliver business growth and shared value in Africa.

What is Shared Value

Shared Value is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or sustainability, but a new way for companies to achieve economic success.” Michael E. Porter and Mark Kramer, “Creating Shared Value,” Harvard Business Review

Shared value is a management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in social problems. Traditional philanthropy focuses on “giving back” or minimizing harm, shared value by comparison harnesses the commercial value of solving social problems.

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